The Vine and Wine

If your looking for a great date night for you and your loved one, The Vine Cinema on First Street in Livermore is the place to go.  What’s so special about it you say?  Well, does your movie theater serve local wine, deliver food from great restaurants, or have couches as optional seating?  The Vine does!  I know I’ve blogged about The Vine before but it really is a unique place.  Not only can you get the customary treats such as buttered popcorn, candy, and sodas, but there are also about a half dozen Livermore wine selections to choose from.  My current favorite these days has been the 2009 Tamás Estates Double Decker Red, so I had to go with that.  Ken ordered a glass of the 2004 Thomas Coyne Syrah.  I hadn’t eaten dinner and I was able to order a grilled chicken/avocado sandwich from the Zephyr Grill (the restaurant next door) while at The Vine concessions stand.  The best part is that they actually deliver it right to your theater seat!  Genius!

The Vine has been recently renovated and has just 2 theaters so it’s more intimate than the large multiplex cinemas.  They often show independent films, have special movie nights where they show classic movies, and  and for those who love football, there is no bigger screen to watch the 49er and Raider games on than on the 30′ screen at The Vine.

I was pretty excited when I drove past The Vine one day and saw The Help was playing.   I loved the book and I had been wanting to see the movie.  It turned out to be a really great movie and if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend getting down to The Vine to see it.

I’m looking forward to going back to The Vine soon. Cheers to fun dates and cheers to The Vine!

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