Swirl Happenings

As if Rocco’s mom’s famous *secret cake* weren’t enough,
Swirl has added a new delicacy to their menu.
If you’ve ever spent a long evening at Swirl sipping wine, sharing one
of many delicious items off of the tapas menu, and then ended your evening with
a glass of port and a longing for something sweet and chocolaty, you’re going
to love what has recently been brought in.
A tempting display case filled with all types of chocolates now sits on
the countertop at Swirl.  Brought in from
Landru’s Chocolates, you have all kinds of choices from white to dark, filled
with anything from passion fruit to truffle.
It almost looks too good to eat.
Come and check out the newest addition this Thursday when you come in
for karaoke!!  Make sure you check out
Swirl’s website, http://www.swirlonthesq.com/events.html,
for all of the upcoming Swirl happenings.

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