How can  we not stop and take a moment?  How can we not stop and breathe in the golden hued landscapes and not say a word of thanks?  How can we not sit back and realize that  this is all a lot bigger than us?  From vineyards with yellow, red and orange cast leaves to the purpley grey silhouette of Mt. Diablo, we have been blessed to live here.  I am thankful for the constant companions, the showstopping colors of the changing leaves and the vast array of fellow people that love this city and region as much as I do.  I love and am thankful for a place  to live that is not only beautiful but that is hand-crafted.  We have so much to offer our community as part of Livermore, and yet sometimes I want to hide it and keep it to myself.  I am thankful today for my hometown…Livermore….the place that I have grown to fall in love with.  What are you thankful for today? Bryersantis wishes you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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