Thanks Bryersantis Float Sponsors

Our float sponsors.

Go enjoy the great wine and food of our Livermore Valley.

If you attended the Livermore Downtown Holiday Parade on Dec. 3, 2011, you may have gotten a small flyer from the official Bryersantis Float Assistants that looks a lot like the image above. Each handout contained a free ticket for our grand prize drawing at Swirl on the Side that night. Our winner, Nicole, will be featured in a future post. We just wanted to say thank you to our most excellent sponsors to make the float dream become a reality. El Sol, Longevity, Cuda Ridge, Pourhouse, Nottingham, TateDog, Swirl, 1st Street Wines, Ken’s Wood Fired Pizza, Stony Ridge and PICAZO all pitched-in to create the grand event. Go visit them, enjoy their wines and food and and let them know is thrilled to be a part of the Livermore excitement they’ve created.

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