Wood Family Vineyards and Livermore Valley's Wine Maker's Dinner

The Bryersantis gang had the pleasure of attending the Livermore Valley’s Wine Maker’s Dinner last Tuesday night.  We had a great time.   Good food, great Livermore wine and great company.  I especially liked the dancing afterwards.  Everyone knows that I can’t stop dancing everywhere I go.  That was sarcasm of course…..oh yeah the real reason for my blog.  Great wine, back to the great wine.  I had a chance to try Wood Family Vineyards 2008 Old Vine Zinfandel.  Four words.  Out Of This World.  The color was deep dark red, aromas of berries, and plums….tasted like dark chocolate, fruit forward and smooth on the back end.  One of the best Zinfandels I’ve had in a long time.  I tried some with the chocolate cake for dessert and words cannot describe how the cake went so well with it.  It was just awesome together.  That completed the evening spent with the Bryersantis family and Livermore’s finest wine makers.  If you haven’t tried wines from the Wood Family, you are really missing something.  They don’t have tasting hours, they just have special events when they open up their winery so you can experience their wines and their warm hospitality.  Their wines can be purchased at First Street  Wine Company right here in town.  Linda one of the owners will help you pick out a bottle.  This may be the perfect bottle of wine to bring to a Christmas party or get together coming up.  Happy Holidays!

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