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Go enjoy the great wine and food of our Livermore Valley.

Last night, the Bryersantis Family got together for dinner and a time of remembering 2011.  It was amazing to look back and reflect upon all that had transpired throughout the year.  Julia had everyone write down their favorite moment(s) from this year.  The kids all got involved too.  I wanted to take a minute and share some of the happenings that were recalled  with fondness.

Ken and Carl are taking a wine making class and soon Bryersantis will have their own Cabernet Sauvignon!

Carl and Jenny were interviewed by Monique Soltani for the Livermore Patch to promote our site.

We had our own wine flight printed on the menu for a Bryersantis night at Swirl.

We celebrated several birthdays in Livermore and other local establishments – Ken’s for our first time at PICAZO, Julia’s at Rodrigue Molyneaux and Wood Family, Jenny’s birthday at The Purple Orchid, Todd’s 40th at Tenuta, Rachel’s with lunch at Zephyr and drinks later at The Alehouse, and Carl’s at a fantastic Italian restaurant in Pleasanton called Chianti’s.  Very nice celebrations.

There were several events where Ken’s Wood Fired Pizza made it’s debut, along with the Bryersantis Family pitching in to help out.

We attended a *field trip* with the staff at Swirl in Lodi to try new wines to bring into Swirl’s tasting room *On The Side*.

We made some great/closer connections with great people – some we have known for a while, and some new friends, like Kelly and Julie at The Winemaker’s Pourhouse.

We attended the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association Christmas Dinner.

Our logo can be seen at The Grocery Outlet tagging wines that are *Bryersantis Approved* after sending out a wine alert.

We had an out-of-town wine distributor contact us and ask if we would try some of their wines and blog about them.

The girls officially tagged Fridays as *Research Friday* and tried to get out as often as we could before the weekend.

One unanimous event that we are still glowing about, and are very proud of, is the float that we entered in the Livermore Downtown, Inc.’s Christmas Parade.  Wow – that was a great time from beginning to end.  We started building towards the end of October/beginning of November.  So many memories from late cold nights, lunch on the float with bloody mary’s, giggling non-stop at our progress at each step, to the final product and sort of being in awe at all that we had done to make it ready for the parade.  The parade itself was surreal.  We were joined by Collin Cranor and Samantha Harper from Nottingham, Margie Dino from Cuda Ridge, and our guest blogger, Teresa!  Phil and Debra Long, of Longevity Wines, were kind enough to lend us the trailer that our float rested on.  Jose and Pam Picazo (PICAZO Winery) lent us several barrels to use as props.  We had wineries and other Livermore establishments buy ad space that surrounded the float.  A big thanks to Longevity, Nottingham, PICAZO, Tate Dog, Swirl on the Side, The Winemaker’s Pourhouse, 1st Street wine Company, El Sol Winery, Ken’s Wood Fired Pizza, Stoney Ridge/Crooked Vine, and Cuda Ridge.  Thank you, again, to Hal and Kathy at El Sol for graciously letting us store the float on their property until next year!

On behalf of the Bryersantis Family, we would like to wish all of our readers and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2012.  We hope you will take the time to reflect on your successes this past year and that your lives would be filled with God’s peace in the coming year.  We live in a beautiful community, filled with wonderful people.  For that, we can all be thankful!




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