Retzlaff Chardonnay-yay!

Happy New Year! I know this comes a little late, but it’s been full speed ahead, wonderful, and busy the last couple of weeks.  For Christmas, Ken, the children, and I traveled almost 1,000 miles just to get together with the family and friends we love and have missed over the holiday. I’ve been wanting to blog and haven’t had much time, but here is what I want you to know… There is still great wine in Livermore being discovered all the time! I tried another one at the Wine Makers Pour House not too long ago. It’s the 2009 Chardonnay from Retzlaff Vineyards. What a great Chardonnay! Retzlaff has the cutest tasting room. I have not been in a while so decided I needed to go back for a revisit. Ken and I did just that with Carl and Julia right before Christmas Eve. This is such a quaint and charming property with lovely views and lots of green grass. I would  suggest bringing your picnic basket, purchasing a bottle of chardonnay or your favorite wine, and make an afternoon of it! Can you believe it was 68 degrees in Livermore in January!  There are bound to be more beautiful winter days and spring is not too far away. What are you waiting for? Get over to Retzlaff. You’ll have a wonderful time!

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