A Night In Little Italy

Last weekend Carl, Julia, Jenny, Todd, and I celebrated Ken’s birthday by taking him to North Beach in San Francisco for a special evening at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana.  If you’ve never been, this is a place worth checking out.  Just make sure to get there early because this place is always packed and for good reason!  The food is fantastic and it is always a fun experience!

I contacted Tony about coming in to celebrate Ken’s birthday and he was so gracious.  He set the six of us up in a special private room perfect for an intimate gathering.  As we descended down the stairs that took us under the restaurant we passed though an iron gate decorated in grape vines.  The gate opened into an intimate room with exposed brick walls.  It was lit with candles and filled with racks of wine that added to the old world ambiance.  In the center of the room was a large rectangular wood table set for six.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting!

Tony, Ken, and I go way back (almost 20 years).  Ken and I used to work together with Tony and his brother Frank, the owner of  Pyzano’s Pizza in Castro Valley (which is another place to find fantastic pizza!). Tony has gone on to do some pretty amazing things and this successful restaurant in Little Italy is just one of them.

For dinner we enjoyed savory meatballs, fresh and tasty salads, a three course pizza with tantalizing toppings baked to perfection, and a couple beautiful wines of course. We ended with tiramisu which we washed down with a little amoretto and coffee.  I can’t say enough about Tony’s place, you should try it for yourself.  Thank you Tony for the fantastic experience and as always thank you to our Bryersantis Family for building another beautiful memory.

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