Winemaker's Pourhouse, Zephyr Grill, Research Friday once again!

It had been some time since the girls of Bryersantis had an outing together.  With all of the holiday extravaganzas, starting before Thanksgiving, progressing into Christmas and then jumping into the New Year, this much needed Research Friday was definitely a welcome beginning to 2012.  I think the most exciting thing about this day is […]

Double Barrel Wine Bar Take 2

Decided, that after a crazied work day, my dear friend Nicole and I  would steal away for a quick glass of wine and a bite to eat.  This Thursday night destination ROCKED!  Last week I wrote about this wine bar, site unseen, tonight, I can tell you with complete authority that the Double Barrel Wine […]

Rodrigue Molyneaux

Carl and I had a small carved out amount of time last weekend to sneak away and do a little Livermore Valley Wine tasting.  I cannot tell you how much spending time in this valley makes me smile.  To be able to drive out just a few minutes from our home and be able to […]

Progressive Pizza and Wine Pairing

McGrail wins top red wine in the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition!

Wait for it…..A LIVERMORE WINERY!!!  I don’t know about all of you but I couldn’t be happier!  McGrail Vineyard and Winery’s 2008 Livermore Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve won the Top Red category in the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  Such great news.  Mark Clarin, winemaker at McGrail Vineyards & Winery was pleased.  Monique Soltani from […]

Grocery Outlet Update

If you haven’t found yourself over at Livermore’s Grocery Outlet lately, I would suggest you do so fairly soon.  Over the past couple of months, it seems that Mike and Sou Nay, owners of this local establishment have been right on with the selections of wine that they have chosen for their store.  We have […]

Double Barrel Wine Bar - Livermore

Last week my son and I had the pleasure of taking a break from the bustle of our crazy schedule and have lunch together.  We chose one of our favorite spots, Livermore’s own Ale House.  Now if you are not familiar with the Ale House, you really should make it a priority to check it […]

Cuda Ridge

What makes a good day a great day of wine tasting?  Taking a winemaker and his wife that happen to live in Santa Rosa, the heart of the world’s most famous wines, to a winery and having that winemaker be impressed by the entire wine flight…..That is exactly what happened last week at Cuda Ridge. […]

Livermore Leads at World's Largest Wine Competition

The results are in for the largest competition of American wines in the world. This year the stakes get even higher for the prestigious competition, as the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition sets a new record with 5,500 entries.

Click Here to read McGrail Vineyards winemaker Mark Clarin’s reaction to the big win!

2012 […]

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