Page Mill Winery 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon


Another research Friday this past week took the girls of Bryersantis to Page Mill Winery in Livermore.  Haven’t been there in a while but from what I remember, their wine was excellent.  I was lucky enough for Julia to bring home their 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon for me to try.  I’m enjoying it as I sit here in our family room this Saturday evening.  Our sons away at winter camp, daughter in the shower, grape lights from our float lit…..relaxed.  I’m looking at the bottle right now, love the label.  Simple, classic, love how it says Livermore…and darn it, red wine down the front.  Hate it when I do that.  Barrel aged for 38 months and 163 cases were produced.  A great cab indeed.  Deep dark color, love that.  Cherries to the nose with a little cinnamon or spice.  A good red needs to have a good nose and this one does.  It’s not a tame or mild cab.  There’s some spice to it with some fruit up front, little pepper at the end.  Delicious, my kind of cab.  I look forward to trying more from Page Mill, I would encourage you to try this and the rest of their line up.  Have a great weekend and cheers!         







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