Longevity 2009 Lodi Zinfandel

After a day that seemed that it would never end, Carl texted me a picture of a beautiful poured glass of Longevity’s 2009 Lodi Zinfandel to my phone while I was still finishing up work at 9:00pm.  It was one of those days that felt like I was a hamster on it’s wheel, wearing my heart on my sleeve, and that the day may not ever come to an end.  I also happened to know that the next day would be pretty much identical.  So you can see the significance of what this gesture from my husband meant.  It meant, come home, a bottle of wine is open, and you can relax now and put the day behind you. I took his cue and closed down my computer, pushed in the chair, turned off the office lights and headed home.  I am very glad I took this cue. As I have said before, I adore a good Zin.  This one from Longevity will not disappoint.  Currants, tobacco, and black cherry are what I thought of while I was sipping this fabulous beverage.  It was perfect on it’s own.  Since it was late, we capped this one and I opened it once again tonight.  As I was chopping up my salad and preparing a spicy twist on meatloaf, I was once again in love with this wine.  So full bodied and lingering on your palette, fabulous on day 2 as well!  It paired well with a very savory and spicy dish and lingered in my glass a little too briefly tonight.  Wish I had bought another bottle.  Head out to Longevity this weekend….I love their flight and in particular, I love another wine they have out now, their Tempranillo.  It just gets better every time I taste it.  Look out for their beautiful logo, which is in the shape of a heart, perfect for Valentine’s day!  Enjoy your weekend!

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