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If you haven’t tasted the excellent wine from the newest wine maker’s in town, make sure you make 3 Steves your next tasting experience.  Bryersantis would like to officially welcome 3 Steves Winery to Livermore!   Rocco (Swirl on the Square) has graciously opened his tasting room and has 3 Steves pouring their award-winning wines Friday – Sunday.  A few of us took the opportunity to pop in and introduce ourselves this past weekend.  We tasted 6 wines and, I always love to say this, we loved every one of them.   The consistent quality of the product that they release is a testament to their experience and passion for their wines.  The current releases are:

2008 Chardonnay (Stainless steel aged, then 4 months in oak before bottling) – Bronze medal winner in the SF Chronicle Competition

2009 Chardonnay – more of your typical oaky Chardonnay

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

2009 Zinfandel – Silver medal in the SF Chronicle Competition

Chardonnay Port – WOW – for all of you non-port drinkers, please give this one a try (ask about the salad recipe)

Tawny Port – again – you will be pleasantly surprised with this one as well

They also have more of their 2008 Cab in the line up to bottle once more.  They left in the barrel 8 months longer than the first batch that was bottled.  Wow.  You can’t tell the difference by the label, but what a difference 8 months made!  Both are excellent wines, but very different flavors.  This one earned them a Bronze on the SF Chronicle Competition.

The 3 Steves will take the time to discuss their wine style and wine making process.  They have great stories to tell, and great wine to sip while you’re listening.   Again, visit them at Swirl Friday – Sunday, or contact them via their website and schedule a private tasting.  You won’t be disappointed.

Cheers to the 3 Steves – welcome to Livermore!

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