The Winemaker's Pourhouse and Bryersantis Collaboration Party!

The night was hopping and the mood was electrifying.  We walked into the standing room only wine bar and were greeted by eager and excited patrons waiting to get the party started.  The chill of the brisk evening seemed to generate a rush of excitement and anticipation.  Electric was in the air!  No, this was not the Academy Awards or the Superbowl or even the Rose Bowl Parade, this was even more meaningful to our particular party of six… was our PARTY to celebrate the first collaboration of Bryersantis, Livermore’s Own Wine Blog with Livermore’s own Winemaker’s Pourhouse.  

Let me give you a little background…..about 2 months ago, Bryersantis met up with Kelly McFarland, one of the co-owners of The Pourhouse, to discuss having a selected Bryersantis flight of wine on the menu.  As you can imagine, this was beyond flattering!  We were honored to be asked such a thing from such a respected member of the community as the Pourhouse.  Although the Pourhouse is still one of the new kids on the block, the fan following is already impressive.  People love this place!  Could it be the Livermore-only wine selections?  Or the amazing small plates that begin with savory flat bread all the way to the amazing mouth-watering paninni’s and decadent desserts?  For  such a compact kitchen, the foods that emerge from the grill are nothing but spectacular!  There is also the Monday night karaoke open mic night draw or the Wednesday night live music.  There seems to be something for everyone here.  At our meeting, Kelly had the epiphany that this collaboration between Bryersantis and the Pourhouse would be called The Quarterly Report.  Each quarter the Bryersantis family will be selecting 3 Livermore wines to be placed in a wine flight on the menu.  We were over the moon to know that Kelly McFarland of the Pourhouse would respect our opinion enough for us to select some wines for her menu.  What an honor!

Last night, Sunday March 18th was the night to celebrate this wine epiphany!  Getting ready for the night gave me goosebumps, the anticipation of it all made me giddy.  I couldn’t have dreamed that this evening would be as successful as it was.  Bryersantis had been promoting the event to all of our close friends and fans for several weeks now.  Until this evening there would have been no way to gauge that people were actually listening!  Last night proved to us that the audience is listening!  We felt humbled by this standing-room only crowd.  Grateful that there have been listening ears and even more….thrilled that this collaboration brought in the crowd it did.

Joey T was the live entertainment for the night.  With it’s smooth, jazzy sound and it’s lively and talented musicians, this band made the the mood of the night even more stunning.  Wow!  What talent, Joey T was amazing!

The wine flight that Bryersantis chose for this, it’s first Quarterly Report, consisted of Las Positas 2007 Chardonnay, Paige Mill 2008 Cabernet Saugvignon and Longevity 2009 Petite Sirah.  Stunning wines.  Charlie Kidd from Las Positas was on hand for the evening as were Dane Stark from Page Mill and Phil and Debra Long from Longevity.  Each winery had a bottle of wine to raffle off and each winemaker made their way to the mic to say a little word about the wine that was on the flight and about themselves.

Another guest that was present for the extravaganza was Derek Eddy from The Purple Orchid  Inn and Spa.  As you may or may not know the Purple Orchid was recently purchased by Derek and Rhiannon Eddy and was recently renovated by Hotel Impossible of The Travel Channel.  This has to be one of the best kept secrets in Livermore, I don’t know why this was not more publicized!  How amazing to find out that one of our own Livermore family establishments will be featured on this high profile television channel!  I can’t wait to check out the newly coiffed inn and spa, it was already a spectacular venue, I can’t wait to see the new improvements!

The Winemaker’s Pourhouse staff was amazing.  I think we were all taken aback by the crowd that we all drew!  Thank you to you, our faithful readers and supporters!  If not for you, we would be nothing, after all this is about making Livermore the number one wine destination!  Let’s get this wine region on the map baby!  Livermore Valley has been for too long the humble quiet wine region, with California’s best kept wine secret.  Let’s keep going with our mission and let everyone know that they have missed out if they have skipped over the Livermore Valley Wine Region.  Help us make a mark on what others think of this region!  Support your local winegrowers and wine makers and get the word out that Livermore Valley is THE place for the most amazing wines, views and people.

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