The Tour Is Back In Livermore

Once again, it’s time to dust off those helmets and oil up those chains because the Amgen Tour de California, America’s largest cycling event, is coming back to Livermore.  On May 15th, Livermore will be opening up its streets to cyclists from around the world for the 3rd stage of the race.  After making the […]

Page Mill Winery

If you haven’t visited Page Mill Winery recently or ever, you must drop by one of these days.  Page Mill Winery offers some of the best Livermore has to offer.  Carl and I have been to Page Mill many times and have always loved this quaint, picturesque winery where the wine flows and is always […]

Livermore Valley

The drive to Napa county (NA) isn’t that far. It doesn’t smell bad there. The roads are fairly well-maintained.  But there is always some subtle discord about departing from Livermore Valley, exiting Alameda county (AL) and heading north through Martinez, Benicia and Vallejo and finally entering NA. What is the root of this?  Well, today […]

Winemaker Dinner at the Purple Orchid


Looking for something different to do on Friday, April 13th? Have you seen the Purple Orchid Inn and Spa since Derek and Rhiannon Eddy came to Livermore with their vision to make it the most relaxing and beautiful place to stay in Livermore? Do you love Collin Cranor’s Nottingham wines? This is an […]

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