Tips for Hosting a Graduation Party in the Livermore Valley Wine Country

With the end of the school year vastly approaching and many colleges already commencing for the year, it is time to start thinking about graduation.  Many of you will be seeing your child graduate from either Kindergarten, 8th grade, high school, or college.   Many will be celebrating these momentous and even tear-jerking events with family and friends at parties and celebrations.  Out of town relatives will be on hand to help hum the ol’ Pomp and Circumstance as will friends and close acquaintances.

What better way to introduce your out of town guests to the Livermore Valley?  If you are hosting one of the many parties that will be taking place in the next couple of weeks, might I give a few suggestions for your entertainment plans?

First, let’s start with the wine selection.   A classy event should start off with classy food and drink (of course no drink other than soda or water for that under-aged graduate!).  Wow your out of town guests with a little taste of Livermore.  Whether it be a refreshing Pinot Blanc from Las Positas Vineyards,  a crisp, luscious 2009 Chardonnay from Charles R, or a full bodied fruit forward 2009 Moxie from Crooked Vine, Livermore Valley has you covered.

Those out of towners leaving you scrambling to find room in your house while they are staying with you for the weekend?  Instead of blowing up that air mattress and dusting every last crevice in your house…why not set up a room reservation for them at the Purple Orchid?  The Purple Orchid is a resort and spa, that boasts breathtaking views and top notch service and is perfectly set in the heart of the Livermore Valley Wine Country.

While your guests are in town, why not bring them to one of the many cool wine bars?  Whether that be Swirl on the Square that also neighbors with Tap 25 and 3 Steves tasting room,  The Winemaker’s Pourhouse that brings the Livermore Valley Wineries to you, or Double Barrel that has wine selections from Livermore and from around the world.  You can make any of these three wine bars your dinner destination, a wine and cheese afternoon break, or a yummy dessert spot.

Let’s just say you go to The Winemaker’s Pourhouse for appetizers and Livermore Wine, first.  Terra Mia, a wonderful Italian restaurant that offers authentic Italian food and home made pasta and who also just happens to offer a free corkage fee when you bring in a Livermore wine, second.  Then top it off at Swirl on the Square for that Secret Cake and some dessert wine, third.  Your guests will be wondering why they haven’t visited Livermore sooner!

Of course, don’t forget to take your guests on a tour of some of our great wineries.  A great one-stop place would be Nottingham Cellars, Occasio, and Longevity who happen to all be in the same block on South Vasco.   Round the corner to East avenue and you will happen upon Cuda Ridge.  Perfect venues to show what Livermore does best.

I wish all graduates the best and I raise my glass to all of you parents that have taken the time to get your children back and forth to school, sports practices, friends houses, and who have sacrificed much to send them off to college.  This is a celebration about the graduate and also a celebration of you, the parents.  Without you and your sacrifices, your kids would never have had the opportunity to enjoy the things they do. This is a true celebration! Congratulations class of 2012.


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