Tasting notes and an exciting event from Cuda Ridge

Last weekend I had an opportunity to enjoy some Cuda Ridge Wine!  Ever since I first tried Cuda Ridge, they have consistently made great wines.  Bottle after bottle….it just gets better and better.  What did I try recently?  The 2009 Livermore Valley Merlot.  A winner for sure.   I’ll give you my random impressions as I was enjoying a glass.

Feels like summer

Serious legs in the glass!

Ruby Red

Floral nose

Dark chocolate cocoa bean

Lively finish





Now lets compare with what Cuda Ridge had to say on their website.

“Rarely will you find a Merlot that captures your heart so completely.  From the One Oak vineyard in the Crane Ridge area, this is the real deal, from the beautiful purple plum and Bing cherry aromas, to the long, intense finish that screams blueberry-cherry pie a la mode with chocolate ice cream. In the middle you’ll find zippy plum tart flavors, raspberry jam, cranberry, walnuts, juicy acidity, hints of dark brown sugar, cinnamon stick and clove, and a hint of chocolate mint. It is deeply satisfying without being in the least bit cloying. That’s testimony to well-balanced fruit.  This is “the bomb,” if you are looking for the biggest, most well-built wine to handle your favorite grilled tri-tip or coulotte steak. It’s the complete wine.  One of the best in the lineup.”

Really, an excellent bottle of wine.  Get out there and try some.  How about going out to Cuda Ridge on Saturday?  Would an exciting event tempt you to drive, walk or run over to Cuda Ridge?  If yes, then you’re in luck!  Here is a quick write up from our Facebook event page:  “Cuda Ridge Wines will host the 3rd Annual Open Mic Jam at the winery on Saturday, May 26th from 12:00 – 5:00. Come join Roger Kardinal and Friends for a fun filled day of excellent music, wine, food and friendships. Come out and listen to several of the very talented local muscians from Livermore and the surrounding areas. In addition to the great music, Ken’s Wood Fired Pizza will be tossing dough and making gourmet pizzas which will be available for purchase.  Musicians, Singers, Players…Bring it on!  I heard a rumor that Bryersantis’ own Jenny will be singing as well….you don’t want to miss that!  If you are interested in performing please contact Roger Kardinal (rkardinal@comcast.net), or just show up! Come play solo, duet, trio, or full band! Or, make up a group while you are there. There will be a sign up sheet and each act will be played in order.  Please do not bring outside alcohol or wine. Cuda Ridge wine will be available for purchase. There will be chairs and tables set up, however, last years event was so successful that all the seats were taken. You may want to bring your own chair to ensure that you have a seat.”

Hope to see you there!  I’ll be drinking some Cuda Ridge 2009 Livermore Valley Merlot and enjoying a slice of Ken’s Wood Fired Pizza.  I won’t be singing or dancing however…..Cheers!


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