Drink it or save it?

A couple of nights ago, Todd and I were contemplating what would pair well with this week’s viewing of Mad Men.  We weren’t in the mood for scotch, and definitely were thinking red wine.  As we went through our wine refrigerator, looking for something to jump out, we came across a 2006 Barbera from Longevity.  Now, if anyone was lucky enough to purchase a few of these bottles *back in the day*, you will remember how delicious it was.  Truly, I am not sure how this bottle escaped our dinner table for so long.  Regardless, here it was, waiting for a decision to be made.  I kept going back and forth as to whether I should save it for a *special occasion*, or open it up because there is no occasion more special than cherished time alone with Todd.  We decided to open it and have a glass with our show.  I was not disappointed.  It had lost just a bit of the smooth ending that I remembered, but it was delightful.  After an always riveting episode of the antics taking place at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, I found myself wondering what would have happened had I let that Barbera sit another couple of months, or even years.  I decided to do a quick search on aging a Barbera and learned that, because of the grape’s naturally high acidity, most Barbera’s have the ability to age well.  This one was no exception.  I have no regrets about opening it.  In fact, I am enjoying my last glass tonight, and, it is even better.

On the subject of *Drink it or Save it* – what say you?  What constitutes a special occasion?

Cheers to discovering a hidden gem!

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