Happy Third Anniversary Bryersantis!

The night was warm and sultry.  Busy-ness was in the air.  The saltiness of humidity reigned supreme.  Taxed and tired and overly tasked parents were winding down from what seemed an unbelievably long school year with their kids.  The end of the year BBQ was the place to be if you had children 8th grade or younger the late spring of 2009 and all of the members of Bryersantis were in attendance with their children.  Some of the members were racing after children figuring out if they were in the jumpy house or doing the duck races.  Some with water warped hands had had their fill of face painting dozens of faces.  Some were just getting done with a stressful work week and hoping for an evening to relax with their family.  On this evening three years ago this is what you would have found if you were to interview the members of the Bryersantis family.  Unbeknownst to us, we had no idea this evening what was in store for our future.

It was this night three years ago that the members of the Bryersantis family decided to get together for an end of the year BBQ after party.  Tired, sweaty and ready for the weekend, Ken, Rachel, Todd, Jenny, Carl and I decided that the BBQ was great, but it had been a while since we had all gotten together.  We met up at Ken and Rachel’s.  We fired up the fire pit, set up some simple but beautiful appetizers and then opened up some Livermore wine.  I wish I had been that insightful as to have recorded the actual wine we were drinking that evening.  Wish I had, because it would have been a GREAT memory.

That evening provoked a ton of hilarious rhetoric and silly banter.  It also provoked a seedling.  Somehow, someone planted a seed…the conversation centered on how GREAT the Livermore wine was that we were drinking.  It seemed we became indignant.  We loved our city, and we were falling in love with the beauty and splendor that went along with living and raising a family in the Livermore Wine Country.  As we proceeded to taste the Livermore wine, we realized that we were sitting on a little piece of history that the majority of the world did not embrace or  for that matter even know about.  The question came up…..Why not Livermore Valley?  Why does the world embrace all of the other popular wine regions but not the Livermore Valley.  With this in our heads and hearts, the birth of Bryersantis came into fruition.

Tonight marked our third anniversary.  Our kids school hosted another end of the year BBQ.  This time, our children had grown.   Some of our children were on the bridge of leaving the school for it’s last time to go on to high school.  Some were entering middle school for the first intimidating time.  Others were advancing on and becoming the older group of students in elementary.  We too, the Bryersantis family, were feeling older.  Three years at this strategic time in your life bears much weight.  Looking back at pictures three years ago provides you with a lot of self-coaching to get yourself to realize that you looked pretty good three years ago and will look a LOT better now than in three years in the future.

The last three years have been good to Bryersantis.  We have explored, explained, exasperated, and exclaimed the Livermore Valley Wine Country.  In the process, we have fallen in love with Livermore.  Quite frankly, it is a perfect place to live.  Warm in the summer, cool in the winter with snow capped hills .  Rolling hills with lush green vineyards.  Fabulous friends, perfect memories.   Livemore has it all.

A hidden gem.  Livermore Valley Wine Country is the spot to go if you want to taste fantastic wines and also garnish some historical knowledge of California’s claim to unbelievable wines.

Bryersantis, Livemore’s Own Wine Blog is here to accomplish that….to shout out to all we know that Livermore is not a baby anymore, we have wines that would make Northern California famed regions wonder where they went wrong.

Indulge us if you will and give our blog a moment in the sun.  We, after all, never have claimed to be expert wine tasters.  Just friends tasting Livermore wines and giving our recommendations.  Just as you would to a very close friend.  Thank you to those who have faithfully supported and encouraged our great venture.  Also to those who have not yet but will in the future.  One day together, we will put Livermore on the map and it will be a premier wine destination.  But, for now, we will continue to indulge and enjoy the world’s best kept secret:  The Livermore Valley Wine Region.

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