Bryersantis Places at the Alameda County Fair Amateur Wine Competition

This last harvest was the Bryersantís Wine Consortium’s first true attempt at winemaking.  Thanks to Phil and Debra Long of Longevity winery, we were able to obtain 200 lbs of Cabernet Sauvignon that were sourced from the Rios Lovell vineyard.  We had the opportunity to watch this wine grow from unfermented grapes into what we recognized as wine.  It was a wonderful experience that really helped me to see just how much goes into the making of a good wine.

Along with the Cabernet, we were also working on a Spanish varietal, Graciano, which we obtained in the course of taking a winemaking class at Los Positas College.  The class was taught by Occasio Winemakers John Kinney and Chris Sorensen who provided us with the groundwork and foundational principles that guided us through the process.

Even though our wines were on the young side, we decided it would be fun to enter them into the Alameda County Fair’s Amateur Wine Competition.  At the last minute we also decided to create a blend of the two wines.  The blending was done in the same backyard where Bryersantís came into existence so it was only natural that this wine should be called the Bryersantís Backyard Blend.

The results of the competition are in and we were plesantly surprised to find that our Woo-Hoo Cabernet placed third and the Backyard Blend placed second.  For a full listing of this years competition winners click the following link: Alameda County Fair Amateur Wine Competition


This first harvest was a memorable experience that I would love to do again.  The 2012 harvest is just around the corner.  I think I see a barrel in our future.

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