Fridays are a perfect time to wine taste in Livermore!

I got a call from a dear friend today asking if I knew of any wineries that might be open in Livermore on Friday…well let me tell you.  YES.  Yes there are!!!  There are so many wonderful wineries open on Fridays here in Livermore.  In fact, I think it was because of this very fact that the term “Research Friday” was born just a few short years ago.

Jenny, Julia and I have come to cherish our Friday afternoons.  Research Fridays are our time to just take a moment, before the weekend begins and before the kids are released from school, to stop and smell the roses or in this case sip the wine.  It doesn’t happen every Friday especially now with summer in full swing and kids out of school, but because of the past research we’ve done we have a plethora of information we can pass on to you!  Fridays are one of my favorite days of the week to taste because of the many choices of wineries open and they are usually less crowded making the tasting experience that much better.

So what Livermore wineries will have their doors open this Friday?  Lets start with the big ones.  Concannon and Wente are historic, beautiful properties.  A must visit if your new to the Livermore wine scene.  I love them both for the restaurants like The Grill at Wente and The Underdog at Concannon and the great wines of course!  Then, there is Ruby Hill, which I absolutely love for the combination of the stunning property, views, and a staggering selection of consistently great wine.  Fenestra on Vallecitos Road is another fantastic winery.  Fenestra is a charming property with a rustic tasting room that boasts a very large list of unique wines to tantalize your taste buds.

Then there are some of the smaller wineries that are as wonderful as the winemakers you will meet.  Have you heard of 3Steves’s?  They have a tasting room in Blacksmith Square at Swirl on the Square.  Their wine is good, very good and a great place to spend a Friday afternoon.  Or have you tried Las Positas Vineyards on Wetmore Road?  The wines are outstanding, the new tasting room is beautiful, and the winemaker Charlie Kidd is doing some exciting things with the new vintages coming out.  Another gem of an area you are sure to enjoy is on South Vasco Road.  Stop into Longevity, Occassio, and Nottingham Cellars (you can park and walk to all three with ease!).  And don’t forget about Cuda Ridge just around the corner on East Ave.  Just look for the purple flags.  I love what Larry and Margie are doing here with their Bordeaux style wines.  They are currently expanding their tasting room and we are looking forward to seeing all of the new changes.  Another place a little off the beaten path that just makes me happy to be there is El Sol. Very high on the fun factor and open most Fridays on Lupin Way.  What else you ask?  Another great tour to take if you are really looking for excellent wines would be Page Mill on South Livermore to Crooked Vine/Stony Ridge on Tesla then end at McGrail’s on Greenville Road.  McGrail has beautiful views of the Livermore Valley and the best red wine for 2012 voted by the SF Chronicle Wine Competition!

All of these places are open Fridays and have fantastic wines!  There are other wineries as well that would be happy to take you by appointment like Wood Family Vineyards or Picazo (so worth the call!).  There are surely more but these are a sample of our favorites, which I think currently showcase the best of Livermore.

Cheers and Happy Research Friday to you!

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