Sunday-Funday with Nottingham Cellars and The Purple Orchid

20120804-140055.jpgI don’t know about you, but for us last week was crazy and kind of rough on our family so by the time Sunday came around I was feeling relieved to have nothing to do but whatever we felt like. It was another beautiful summer day. We went to church then had lunch with our family at El Sacromonte downtown on First Street, which is great by the way if you have not yet been. Prices are reasonable, the food is fresh and delicious, I love the atmosphere here and there is a good selection of Livermore wine on the menu! Kudos to El Sacramonte! But that is not actually what I was going to blog about today!

Have you been to the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa recently? Located at 4549 Cross Road in Livermore, they were recently featured on the Travel Channels Hotel Impossible if you didn’t catch it. I love the changes going on around here! Talk about a place to get away from it all! The setting is serene and peaceful in the Livermore countryside away from the hustle and bustle. The property is warm and inviting. There are a lot of fresh new updates to the rooms and grounds thanks to Derek and Rhiannon Eddy the young new owners.

On this particular Sunday our friends at Nottingham Cellars were here. It was Nottingham’s 1st Sunday-Funday wine club member appreciation event hosted by The Purple Orchid. When we arrived the band Frankie Bones and the Jammers were playing, folks were relaxing by the pool enjoying wines by Nottingham Cellars of course and BBQ cooked up by Collin Crannor and his family. The scent of burgers on the grill filled the air as I enjoyed a crisp, light and citrusy Nottingham chardonnay. This was a perfect day I thought as I felt all of the weeks stress leave my body.

What a joy is it to live in a place like this. There is no place like home. Every time I come home to Livermore and am greeted by those rolling hills and vineyards or our quaint downtown I feel like this is where I love to be…home.

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