Ruby Hill Winery, Gem of Wines

Not every day can be the weekend and not every night a Friday night.  But, we can make the best out of the week by treating ourselves to simple pleasures throughout the week.  Maybe it’s pulling out the grill and throwing on some steaks on a Monday night, or perhaps it’s going out  for an impromptu dinner on a Wednesday night, how about staying up late with a bowl of popcorn watching a movie on a Thursday night?  All of these types of things helps to mix up the monotony of the week and helps us get back on track to face the rest of the work week.  For Carl and I, tonight, Tuesday night,  we decided to open up a bottle of great Livermore wine.  It has been a long week and we are only two days in.  The calendar tells me that every night has something going.  This is not a welcome plan for a self-pronounced home-body.  On my way home from the school PTO meeting, I decided to swing by the grocery store and pick up a bottle of something local.  Since we try to stay on our household budget, I didn’t want something to break the bank.  I wanted something that was delicious.  As I searched the local wines section my eyes rested on Ruby Hill Winery’s 2009 Grapeful Red.  I brought it home, we opened it up and were thrilled at our choice.  This wine was velvety smooth, with smoky hints of cocoa, tobacco, and a dash of cola. A fantastic wine with a bargain price tag under $20.

Ruby Hill Winery is known for it’s fantastic wines. Winemaker, Chris Graves is very talented at what he does and it is proven time and time again as each cork is opened.  Ruby Hill winery is open daily from 11:00am to 5:30pm.  Ruby Hill not only offers fantastic wines, but also a beautiful tasting room and gift shop, breathtaking grounds and many special events.  Each Thursday they offer barrel tasting from 11am – 5pm.  They have a wine club that has release parties throughout the year, the next one is Saturday October 20th.  They will also be having a Halloween Party on October 26th.

As I swirled and savored my last few drops of Grapeful Red I couldn’t help but think to myself how happy I am to live in the  beautiful Livermore Valley.  With wineries like Ruby Hill, vineyards encompassing the valley, and amazing views all around, Livermore is a great place to live.  If you don’t live here, it’s a perfect spot to visit.  Make sure you make a stop at Ruby Hill Winery, Gem of Wines.

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