Demitris Taverna and Wood Family Livermore Syrah

Recently my son and I ventured into downtown Livermore for a bite to eat for dinner. There are quite a few places to pick from. I left the choice up to my son, and without a hesitation he suggested Demitris. I was a little surprised and happy about his decision. I thought for sure he was going to suggest pizza by the slice or something…not that there is anything wrong with that. When we walked in, the smell of authentic Greek spices smacked us in the face. Could not wait to try the food. We were greeted by friendly staff and they brought us to our table. Love how you can see the kitchen from where you sit.

Time to order. We started off with the Calamari for an appetizer. My son inhaled most of it, but the few bites I stole I thought were delicious! I ordered the Moussaka which is a classic Greek Mediterranean recipe with layers of eggplant and ground beef. It too was out of this world. Paired well with the Wood Family Vineyards Livermore Syrah. Fresh Strawberries to the nose, and deep dark red in color. A fruit forward red with a little spice at the finish. Loved this wine because it didn’t drop off at the end, consistant all the way through. It paired very nicely with the Moussaka. If you never been to Demitris you have to give it a shot. Amazing Greek food and best of all they feature Livermore Valley wines! Hope to see you there soon. Cheers!

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