Dining around Monterey Bay!

Recently Julia and I had an opportunity to get away for the weekend. The weekend getaway is huge for us. We go a million different directions during the busy week so a weekend away is golden. We chose Monterey to spend time away. We just can’t stay away from the relaxing sound of crashing waves and awesome ocean views. As we drove closer to Monterey we were hungry for lunch. We decided to stop off at Kula Ranch Island Steak House located in the city of Marina. A great place to have lunch or dinner, with awesome sea food right on the water. A spot to unwind and relax for sure. I decided to have the calamari steak sandwich. I needed something to go with it, as I looked at the menu something jumped out at me. YES, couldn’t believe it! A LIVERMORE VALLEY wine! Seriously here in Marina?? It was true.

Yes, a Concannon Conservancy 2009 Crimson & Clover. It was great to see a popular Livermore wine on a menu out of town. The back of the bottle says, “Petite Sirah blend and consists of 50 percent Petite Sirah, 25 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 15 percent Syrah and l0 percent Zinfandel. Crimson & Clover upholds the virtues of a Petite Sirah while adding rich deep berry flavors, softness and complexity.” A red blend that is consistently good. After our lunch it was back on the road headed toward Monterey. We settled in our hotel and shortly after walked around Cannery Row in the heart of Monterey. We found ourselves pondering where to eat for dinner. Why is everything revolved around good food while on vacation or weekend getaway? Oh well, back to it. We decided to eat on the Monterey Wharf. If you know much about Monterey, you would probably think I’m crazy because there are basically a million restaurants on the wharf. We read a lot of reviews and settled on the Old Fisherman’s Grotto. A step into the past when you walk in. Beautiful old restaurant style with terrific sea food and views of the ocean. Be sure to get a window table. The swordfish caught my attention and soon my eyes started wandering over to the wine selections. What? Again? Yes, another Livermore Valley wine made it to the menu in Monterey. This time the selection was from Livermore’s own Murrieta’s Well offering The Spur. Went very well with my swordfish. A nice blend containing Cab Sauv, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Petite Sirah.

Wow, two different restaurant in two different cities offering Livermore Valley Wines. Is the message getting out there? Are surrounding areas getting a clue about Livermore’s fantastic wine? I’ll tell you one thing, I look forward to see many more examples of this! Congratulations Livermore! Cheers!

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