Fall in (love with) Livermore

20121023-221500.jpgIsn’t Fall the best?!!! I use to think summer was IT and I still really love summer for to many reasons to name but wow…that transition to early Fall, especially in Livermore wine country! How can you not love it?! The colors in the trees and on the vines are changing again to those vibrant warm red, oranges, and yellows! The air is cool and crisp. It’s time to bust out the cozy flannel sheets and comfy layered wardrobe! My favorite smells in the world are of pumpkin spice candles burning and let’s not forget the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, scones, and muffins (Drool). I just can’t resist it. Toss something savory into the crock pot, let all those good smells fill your home, and pop open a bottle of your favorite Livermore red wine with dinner. That is home and that is where my heart is! Life can get so stressful, busy, and uncertain. We need to take time to enjoy the blessings. Sometimes just taking a walk outdoors, going to church, or visiting with a dear friend helps change the perspective we need.

This Sunday afternoon Bryersantís will be at the Winemaker’s Pour House sharing some of our hand picked favorites for the new Fall Bryersantís Quarterly Report. We feel these wineries, Cuda Ridge, Wood Family, and Fenestra represent Livermore so well and they are on this flight. We’d love for you to come and see why we have such a passion for our wine region! I’m so looking forward to Sunday because it’s one of my favorite places to hang out and take friends and it’s been too long since we’ve had a chance to do these things. This is a place to share the love of wine (Livermore wine!) in a fun, cool, and casual atmosphere. There will be live music and raffles too. Hope you get a chance to come down, say hi, and enjoy fall in a place I love to call home!

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