Crooked Vine's Last Wine Down of the Year

It has been a fantastic summer in the Livermore Valley.  God has graced us with beautiful weather making it that much nicer to explore the Livermore wine country.  Fall is upon us now, but the beautiful summertime weather has decided to stay for a little bit longer.  The forecast shows temperatures in the 70’s and […]

Ruby Hill Winery, Gem of Wines

Not every day can be the weekend and not every night a Friday night.  But, we can make the best out of the week by treating ourselves to simple pleasures throughout the week.  Maybe it’s pulling out the grill and throwing on some steaks on a Monday night, or perhaps it’s going out  for an […]

First Street Wine Company

If you have not visited First Street Wine Company located at 2211 First Street in Livermore, tonight would have been a good night to have gone.  Of course, there are many future opportunities to visit as they are opened Tuesday-Thursday 12-7, Friday 12-9, Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 12-5.  Hosting this evening with their musical talents […]

31st Annual Harvest Wine Celebration

It’s been a month since Carl and I attended the 31st Annual Harvest Wine Celebration that took place the Sunday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend, September 2nd and 3rd.  How did time go by so quickly?  School started, jobs evolved, the mom-taxi became, once again, the ever-present occupation, yes September flew but the memories […]

Las Positas Winemaker’s Dinner

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