Collaboration Chardonnay at Zephyr Bar and Grill in Livermore!


Recently Julia and I made our way over to Zephyr Bar and Grill right here in Livermore. Now, you know I’m not going to stop promoting Livermore right?  So many fantastic wineries.  So many restaurants in town that serve wine from Livermore.  Nope, I WON’T stop until you all come over the hill to Livermore to give us a shot!  My famous question….why go all that way to Napa?  Back to what I was saying, Zephyr Bar and Grill in Livermore.  Great food.  From the Molasses Glazed Meatloaf to the Potato Wrapped Halibut on the dinner menu, you won’t be disappointed.  Their lunch menu is just as satisfying too.   I made sure to try the Grilled Salmon for lunch.  I’ll put links below to the menus so I can tempt you to come out and dine at Zephyr.

The wine….cannot forget the wine.  I have some pretty awesome news.  I’m sure that you all have read our many blogs about Livermore’s own Nottingham Cellars.  Well, get this…Nottingham Cellars Collaborated with Zephyr Bar and Grill and came up with Collaboration Chardonnay that can only be found at Zephyr.  It went very well with my Salmon I had.  Crisp, cool and refreshing, a big hit with me.  We found out that Zephyr collaborated with Nottingham  to create a red blend as well.  It was just as exciting as the Chard.  Two big hits at Zephyr for you to try out.  Hope to hear back with comments below about what you thought.

Even better?  Check out their wine list pictured above.  Are you seeing what I’m seeing?  Yup you guessed it, there are a lot of Livermore wines to try on the wine list!  Check their website often, I’m told they have special events featuring Livermore wine.  Tasting Tuesday is the event where the wine maker will come out and host a tasting for all us wine lovers to enjoy.  I’m so impressed!  I hope I have tempted you with Zephyr’s food, collaborations with Nottingham Cellars and Livermore wine events.

Click here for Zephyr’s website

Click here for Zephyr’s complete menus

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