Choosing Your Wine For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us once again.  For many of us that means it is time for the traditional Turkey Bowl football games, getting together with family and friends, and of course eating way too much.  Hopefully you have already stocked up on all of your delicious treats and drinks for tomorrow.  If you haven’t figured out your wine selections for tomorrow’s big meal, it’s not too late.  Lucky for those of us who live in the Livermore Valley, even if your favorite winery is closed this week, you still stand a good chance of finding your favorite wines at our local grocery stores.


I started thinking about what wines would go well with our Thanksgiving dinner and I decided to puruse the internet to get some pairing tips.  One of the first tips I found was not a pairing tip, but I found it worth mentioning.  If you are like me then you have problems trying to figure out how many bottles of wine to have available for your guests.  You could be like me and have your whole wine collection available to be sure you have enough or you can just remember that there should be two bottles of wine for every 5 guest.  Following this rule will keep you from getting dirty looks from your spouse for spending way too much money and having left over cases stacked up around the house.


As far as pairings go, I found that many still hold true to the old pairing rules that say turkey should be served with white wine.  I enjoy white wine, but for a Thanksgiving meal make sure you go with a white that has strong flavors.  Your more subtel whites may get lost with the variety of flavors usually presented on Thanksgiving.  I personally have found Rieslings to pair wonderfully with Thanksgiving dinner.  It is a little sweeter than some might like, but it’s strong personality won’t be lost.


I typically like to live my life by the rules, but when it comes to wine, I believe that pairing needs to be done based on what tastes good and not on a strict set of rules that say red wine needs to go with one group of food while white wines go with another.  For that reason I believe that red wines can go perfectly well with a Thanksgiving dinner.  This is especially true due to the wide variety of side dishes that typically accompany the turkey.  For your red wine I would recommend a Zinfandel due to its strong fruity flavors.


Bottom line, drink the wine that tastes good to you and remember to give thanks for everything that God has given us.

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