Nottingham Cellars TV Episode 2 (Petite in Depth)

As it is still the month of February Nottingham Cellars is still focusing on Petite Sirah in this episode, but this time they travel to Handles Gastropub in Pleasanton, CA to taste the final product and discuss some of the flavor compounds with Collin and his brother, Patrick. After they’ve disected the structure of the […]

Sharing a bottle of wine could be secret to a happy marriage - read on.......


A friend sent me this article about sharing wine with your spouse.  It’s a fun read for today – maybe a bottle or two will be shared with your loved one tonight.  Whatever your plans are for your Valentine’s celebration, if wine is on the menu, support our local talent by purchasing […]

Red Wine Provides Hope For Alzheimer's Sufferers

I came across this interesting article.  Would love to hear your thoughts/comments.  Happy hump day!

New research suggests resveratrol in red wine isn’t only good for the heart but also the brain. By Rebecca Gibb  | Posted Thursday, 07-Feb-2013

A compound found in red wine may help to stall the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers […]

Pre-Valentine's Day Fun At Crooked Vine/Stoney Ridge

Looking for something fun to do this weekend and get a head start on your Valentine’s Day celebration? Tomorrow, February 9th, Crooked Vine/Stoney Ridge is hosting a Valentine’s Open House from 11:30 – 4:30. Ken’s Wood Fired Pizza will be there along with sweet treats and live music from 1 – 4. Hope to see […]

Nottingham Cellars TV Episode 1 (Petite Sirah)

This month the featured varietal in the Livermore Valley is Petite Sirah, Nottingham Cellars has decided to show you a little about where they source their fruit from for those particular wines as well as discuss their barrel programs for them. They also discuss the difference between their standard Pete Sirah and the “Long Row” […]

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