Nottingham Cellars TV Episode 1 (Petite Sirah)

This month the featured varietal in the Livermore Valley is Petite Sirah, Nottingham Cellars has decided to show you a little about where they source their fruit from for those particular wines as well as discuss their barrel programs for them. They also discuss the difference between their standard Pete Sirah and the “Long Row” Petite Sirah.

For more info on the varietal of the month visit this page:…

This is the first episode of Nottingham Cellars’ twice monthly series they will be doing all year long.  Look for their next installment soon when they visit Handles Gastropub to visit with Chad Moshier and discuss their “Long Row” Petite Sirah which is available on tap exclusively at Handles Gastropub for the month of February.

You can find more information on Nottingham Cellars wine, tasting room, and wine club at: Http://

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