Page Mill Syrah

Page Mill Syrah After a busy week of dealing with work and life in general, I found myself at home on my day off having to complete some unfinished projects.  This was definitely not the way I had planned to spend my time away from work.  I had been hoping to get out to a couple of the Livermore Wineries I haven’t visited in a while to try some of the newly released vintages.  Alas, this was not to be.  With half of my mind on wine and the other half on projects, I decided that a little wine might make the projects more palatable.

Looking through my wine racks, I came across a 2007 Page Mill Syrah that had been laying down for some time.  I couldn’t remember when I had purchased this wine or what it had tasted like, but something about the idea of drinking a Syrah really appealed to me at that moment.

What a great choice it was.  The wine was delicious.  It had that fruity California wine appeal while still being well-balanced.  My only complaint was that I did not have a back up case of this wine.  The bottle was gone all too quickly.

I checked the Page Mill website to see if they were still listing a Syrah of any vintage in their lineup.  Based on what I saw on the site it looks like they are currently out.  I will need to stop by the Mill soon to verify this.  If anyone has any Page Mill Syrah info please let us know.  If you come across a 2007 Page Mill Syrah I would encourage you to snatch it up quickly because it is truly a Gem.

Thanks to Page Mill’s winemaker Dane Stark for making fabulous wines and for his overall support of the Livermore Valley wine region.

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