2013 Open Mic Jam At Cuda Ridge

Cuda Ridge Amgen TourThis weekend Livermore had the distinct privilege of hosting stage 7 of the Amgen bike tour.  This was also the third year that Cuda Ridge winemaker, Larry Dino has teamed up with the First Street Wine Company and artist, Reina Hernandez to bring us the commemorative wine for the Livermore stage of the Amgen tour.  The last two years I had the opportunity to welcome the Cuda Ridge commemorative Amgen wines, but unfortunately this year the business of life got in the way.  Fortunately, a great fan of the Livermore wine country, Steve Ferree, wrote a fantastic article on this commemorative wine for Examiner.com.  Be Sure to check it out.

As I sit here drinking Cuda Ridge’s 2011 commemorative Amgen release (2009 Vintage), I am excited to announce that next Saturday Cuda Ridge will be hosting their 4th annual open mic jam.  Livermore favorite, Roger Kardinal, and many more talented singers and musicians will be participating in this highly anticipate event.  Rumor is that Bryersantís’ own, Jenny DeSantis will be stretching out her vocal cords with one of Larry’s favorites, Rolling in the Deep.  The Jam will be starting at 12 and it goes till 4:30, which is plenty of time to enjoy some great food and fabulous wine at Cuda Ridge.

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