About Bryersantís

Bryersantís was founded in July of 2009 as six friends sat in the backyard sipping on Livermore wine.  The question was asked, “Why do Napa and Sonoma get all of the wine publicity when Livermore wine is just as good if not better?”

With that question, Bryersantís was born.  Those six friends decided to take something they all had in common, a love for wine and the Livermore Valley, and collectively work toward making Livermore California the number one wine destination.

We are a Christ-centered organization, so we also desire to share our love of God’s grace and mercy with those we meet.  It is not our intention to promote the overuse or abuse of alcohol in any way, but instead to promote the art and beauty of the products that are created in our beautiful Livermore Valley Wine Country.  With all this said, we ask that you please drink responsibly.

We will be sharing our Livermore wine experiences with you and we would be happy to hear your experiences as well.  You can contact us at