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My favorite wines are very dependent upon my mood at the time.  A complex red with a smooth finish is always a winner with me.  A Cab, Zin, Syrah or Barbera are generally my favorite picks.  I am not a big fan of anything with an overpowering pepper taste to it.  On a hot day, my first choice would be a chilled glass of oaky, buttery chardonnay.  As much as I would love to sip on a favorite from Longevity or Ruby Hill more often then I do, I generally find myself looking for a great deal on a good bottle of wine.  Trader Joe’s has been a great supplier!  Their policy of taking back anything that you don’t like for any reason has come in handy many times, and it takes the fear out of trying something new!

My favorite way to relax when there is some down time is with friends and family.  Whether it be a walk through Sycamore Grove, a bike ride with the kids, wine tasting with friends, or karaoke on a Saturday night. Livermore has a lot to offer.  What a great place to live!  Cheers to Livermore, family, friends and wine!


Longevity: Barbera

Ruby Hill: Merlot

Longevity: Chardonnay

Wente: Riva Ranch Chardonnay

Tenuta: 2005 Syrah

Cuda Ridge: 2007Renegade Zinfandel

Tenuta: 2007 Primitivo

Rodrigue Molyneaux: Cabiovese