Chief Event Coordinator



I’m just going to put it out there… I’m not a big fan of wine. I’d much rather have a margarita. Is that SO wrong?? Even though I do not have a great passion for wine my passion for the Livermore Valley is intense. I LOVE Livermore and everything about it. I get as much pleasure from visiting a new winery and enjoying the views as my friends do trying new wines. With that said, I have found myself, dare I say, enjoying a crispy fruity white on a warm summer day and still value a smooth, mellow, fruity red especially in the company of friends. I steer clear of the peppery draws and I am not ashamed to critique the trendy pucker-inducing tannin overloads. When all is said and done I say, “give me sangria.”


Wente: Riva Ranch Chardonnay

Longevity: 2006 Merlot

BoaVentura: Chardonnay

BoaVentura: Petite Syrah

El Sol: Seat of My Pants Blend

El Sol: 2005 Lodi Syrah

Crooked Vine: 2007 Zinfandel

Ruby Hill: Champagne

Ruby Hill: 2007 Reserve Barbera

Rodrigue Molyneaux: 2007  Cabiovese