Bryersantis Uncorked! Fenestra Winery's True Red Lot 27

Happy Post Thanksgiving!  Full from Turkey?  So am I….even still!  Although I did have a turkey sandwich before going out to Fenestra Today.  Picked up a bottle of their True Red Lot 27 California Red Table Wine.  See below for the latest addition of Bryersantis Uncorked!  This time wine blogger Julia makes an appearance.  Cheers!


Collaboration Chardonnay at Zephyr Bar and Grill in Livermore!


Recently Julia and I made our way over to Zephyr Bar and Grill right here in Livermore. Now, you know I’m not going to stop promoting Livermore right?  So many fantastic wineries.  So many restaurants in town that serve wine from Livermore.  Nope, I WON’T stop until you all come over the hill […]

Bryersantis Uncorked! Longevity Wines 2009 Livermore Valley Merlot

In this episode of Bryersantis Uncorked, I reviewed Longevity Wine’s 2009 Livermore Valley Merlot. Yet another Livermore Valley winner. Take a look below to see what I thought.   Some advances this time.  Better lighting, camera and location.  One problem however.  My producer, film maker and editor had his finger over the mic of the […]

UnCorked: 3 Steves 2010 Zinfandel!

Here it is! My second episode of Bryersantis UnCorked! This time around I reviewed 3 Steves Winery 2010 Zinfandel. Tell me what you think with your comments below. Hope I’ve given you good information….enough information to get you out and try 3 Steves this weekend! Cheers!

Bryersantis Uncorked! Ruby Hill 2009 Grapeful Red

Here’s the first of my video blog series “Uncorked!”  I want to keep it simple.  Uncork a bottle of Livermore wine and let you know what I think.   I was being a bit ambitious by saying I’d like to do one every Friday….but here it goes!  Hope you enjoy, let me know what you […]

El Sol Holiday Preparations

We headed over to visit winemaker Hal Liske at El Sol to find some picks for entertaining friends and family for holiday visits. The Grand Cuvée Champagne can be picked up for as low as $13 per bottle and is a sweet, light beverage for your ‘fancy’ events. If you are looking for an El […]

The Bryersantis Quarterly Report Wine Flight at The PourHouse!

In case you didn’t make it out last Sunday, we had a blast at our Wine Flight release party held at Livermore’s own Winemaker’s PourHouse.  Live music by Joey T, drawings with wine being given away, great food, great wine (of course), and our own Jenny singing at the mic!  Fun had by all.  The […]

Free wine on Sunday Oct. 28th, 2012

You probably already know, but just in case you’ve been focused on the Giant’s World Series victories and forgot to plan a date with your honey for today you can get over to the Winemaker’s Pourhouse in downtown Livermore for Bryersantis’ Quarterly Report.  We’ll be presenting three of the top reds in Livermore Valley and […]

Fall in (love with) Livermore

Isn’t Fall the best?!!! I use to think summer was IT and I still really love summer for to many reasons to name but wow…that transition to early Fall, especially in Livermore wine country! How can you not love it?! The colors in the trees and on the vines are changing again to those vibrant […]