Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! 2004 Interlude Cabernet Sauvignon

This is an official wine alert from Bryersantis!  Run over to the Livermore Grocery Outlet and pick up a few bottles or cases of the 2004 Interlude Cabernet Sauvignon at $4.99 a bottle!  A great full bodied red with a smooth flavorful front end and equally smooth and flavorful back end.  Vinted and bottled by […]

Akin Estates Zinfandel

Went over to Livermore’s Grocery Outlet today and decided to check out the wine department.  For some reason, there are still a ton of Australian wines there right now which don’t really seem to be moving.  That’s always a sign that the wine is not the best.  Hidden within some of the wines that have been there a […]