Drink it or save it?

A couple of nights ago, Todd and I were contemplating what would pair well with this week’s viewing of Mad Men.  We weren’t in the mood for scotch, and definitely were thinking red wine.  As we went through our wine refrigerator, looking for something to jump out, we came across a 2006 Barbera from Longevity.  […]

Edie Brown 2006 Meritage Red Wine: Bryersantís Approved

Another Livermore Grocery Outlet “Bryersantis Approved” wine:  Edie Brown 2006 Meritage Red Wine

Your Price: $7.99 a bottle.

Back of the bottle says, “Full-bodied, dry with a broad range of flavors.  Beautiful aromas of red and black berries lead to rich expansive flavors of dark cherries and subtle herbs with a long elegant finish.”  A […]

Livermore Grocery Outlet Wine Alert! 2006 and 2007 Wild Oak Syrah by St. Francis Winery!

I know everyone may not be near a computer tonight, but I had to let everyone know about a stellar Syrah at the Livermore Grocery Outlet.  It’s by St. Francis Winery.  They are carrying both the 2006 and 2007 Wild Oak Syrah.  I love both!  They are very different, equally as awesome.  Go in right away […]

Fenestra 2006 Cab – Thatcher Bay Vineyard

Last month,  my sister gifted me with a beautiful basket full of goodies for my birthday.  There was everything from chocolate, crackers, and cheese to soaps, candles, and my favorite – a bottle of Fenstra’s 2006 Cab from their Thatcher Bay Vineyard.  I don’t recall having tried this one in their tasting room – they have […]

The 411 on the 95240

If you have been to the Livermore Grocery Outlet lately, you may have noticed a *spattering* of Bryersantis signage, recommendations, and general information.  One of our goals was to make it obvious, when you walk into the wine section, which wines were “Bryersantis Approved”.  Thanks to Mike, who owns the Livermore Grocery Outlet, for facilitating […]

Sick Day

It has been a “sick” week around our house.  First I got IT, the sore throat, body aches, kinda feverish cold.  Then our oldest son stayed home with it and today our daughter.  I had to call in from work today.  So much to do and yet a day to forcefully rest and relax.  Kinda […]

Livermore Grocery Outlet- Mavrik Cellars 2006 Grenache

Sunday night…normally I’d be singing the Sunday night blues but not tonight!  I’m off work for two whole weeks to enjoy Christmas and New Years.  I always look forward to this time of the year.  Great time for me to recharge and spend some time at home with the family relaxing.  Went to the Livermore Grocery […]

Hayes Ranch 2006 California Merlot

Tonight we are celebrating my nephew’s 21st birthday. A great occasion! My sister in-law offered me a glass of Merlot and wanted to see what I thought of it. Took a sip, wait for it….hey, this is a good Merlot! I mean really good! Hints of spice and berries, yet smooth and full bodied. […]

Wine Alert! Santino 2006 Primitivo

Wine Alert!!  Santino 2006 Primitivo at the Grocery Outlet for $2.99 a bottle!  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Pick several bottles for $2.99 each!  I have not heard much about the Primitivo grape, the only time I’ve heard anything about it was tasting at Livermore’s Tenuta Vineyards.  They have an incredible Primitivo.  So I decided […]