Livermore…More Than Just Great Wine!


Did you know that Livermore not only produces some of the finest wines on the planet, but we also produce delicious olive oil?!  I picked this one up on our last outing to Rodrigue Moleneaux Winery.  Drizzle some on fresh asparagus with a little cracked pepper and sea salt and it’s ready to […]

Bring on Spring and Ruby Hill Elevato!

Once in a while it happens.  An opportunity comes along and you decide to make the most of it or let it pass you by.  We made the most of it today!

While the rest of the country is being frozen out or buried alive in snow, we have been spoiled with glorious spring-like […]

Last Research Friday of the Year

It was a little chilly yesterday, but we were all happy that the rain had decided to stay away.  The plan was to visit Fenestra for the last Research Friday before the New Year. Fenestra was a perfect spot for this outing as their property has a beautiful picnic area that is perfect for […]

Trader Joe’s 2008 Coastal Merlot

I just returned home today from a week long work trip away from the family.  It is great to be back.

We decided to have a little BBQ for dinner tonight so I looked through the wine rack to find a wine that would go well with […]

Hidden Creek

Hidden Creek 2005 Syrah

Nestled in a small court off of Vasco Road is a winery named Hidden Creek.  This winery doesn’t have the grandiose architecture of the larger wineries, but behind their little storefront the winemaker, Jim Frost, applies his craft to make masterpieces.  I had the opportunity to try the Hidden Creek […]

When Going For The Wine Don’t Forget About The Food

Jim Thurman At The Longevity Wines Salsa Throw-down

I was just sitting on the couch watching a food show on one of the many food channels that seem to be around these days and it made me hungry.  As I watched all of the BBQ delicacies that danced across the TV screen my thoughts […]

Friday night BBQ with Blackstone Winery Merlot

Friday night, BBQ. Perfect spring weather.  It doesn’t get any better.  The Blackstone Winery Merlot 2007 went great with the steak I BBQ’ed tonight.  This is not a Livermore Valley Wine but my wife did purchase it from the Livermore Costco here in town.  It is actually bottled in Woodbridge, but the grapes are from […]