Fridays are a perfect time to wine taste in Livermore!

I got a call from a dear friend today asking if I knew of any wineries that might be open in Livermore on Friday…well let me tell you.  YES.  Yes there are!!!  There are so many wonderful wineries open on Fridays here in Livermore.  In fact, I think it was because of this very fact […]

Unexpected Opportunities and Fantastic Wine

Rachel received a call from one of our friends who was looking bring her cousins, who were from Argentina, to go out with us on a little Livermore wine tour. It wasn’t hard to say yes to that. We decided to meet at Blacksmith Square to get […]

Swirl: Afternoon Date

Raising children is one of life’s beautiful challenges.  Looking back, it’s hard to remember what it was like to be able to go out on a date with Rachel without having to plan for babysitting.  Today was one of those days when the babysitting just fell into place.  Rachel and I found ourselves with a couple […]