New Show Idea

Tonight Julia came over for light-hearted dinner with Jenny and me where we all enjoyed a Longevity Syrah. During dinner, Julia introduced a new tv show to us. Hoarders. What was _that_ all about? The most gut-wrenching show on TV by far. Are you defending the dude with 60+ cars in his yard based on […]

BoaVentura Syrah

Last month at Sanctuary: We brought a 2007 BoaVentura Syrah. Sanctuary charges $8 corkage fee, even for Livermore wines but Jenny claimed the BoaVentura was worth it.  It was.  Also enjoyed Karaoke with Eddy Tracy there and at Sapphire on Tuesdays. Hope to see you there next time.



Last weekend I had a couple hours to myself so, I decided to pay a visit to a winery I have heard a lot about, but have never been to.  I learned from Jenny that she received an email from BoaVentura de Caires winery, which alerted her that they would be open for tasting. […]

Trader Joe’s Zinfandel

Today I picked up a bottle of the Paso Robles Zin, with the Trader Joe’s label, that was featured in the current Fearless Flyer.  There were a few things that drew me to this particular wine:

Paso Robles – I have had many a good Zin from the Paso region and am always interested in trying […]

I’m not a big fan of wine, but I do like this one! 2007 BoaVentura Syrah

“I’m not a big fan of wine, but I do like this one.”  This should be my new official quote for Bryersantis LOL.  Tonight, after Ken got home from a loooong day at work, he opened up the BoaVentura split bottle ( a cute half-size bottle perfect for 2 to share).  This was one Julia recommended I […]

2007 BoaVentura Syrah

The end of another weekend.  So much better with the 2007 BoaVentura Syrah.  This was a new wine to me.  My wife brought it home from a quick trip to the BoaVentura Winery located on Tesla Road here in Livermore.  I’m not a huge fan of the Syrah.  I’ve only liked one other, which was from Longevity Wines, […]

Celebrating With Good Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking the afternoon to go wine tasting with Julia and Rachel (all for the sake of research, of course).  We started off with our friends Debra and Phil at Longevity – a wonderful experience as always.  After that we headed out to Tesla Road to cover some new ground for us.  We went […]