Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking- Part III

What an awesome night.  The Bryersantís family really came through.  As I stated in the part 2 post of our winemaking experience, this morning I woke up to find our batch ready for pressing.  Of course being the well organized and experienced winemaker that I am, I had all the equipment I needed ready […]


This weekend, if you get a chance, stop by Longevity Winery in Livermore.  They will be releasing their newest Chardonnay, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint!  With a hint of butterscotch, this is the perfect bottle to chill and drink while cooling off during the heat wave.  This weekend only, you can […]

No Corkscrew No Problem!!!

Have you ever been in the horrible position of having a wonderful bottle of your favorite wine, but no corkscrew to release that fruity goodness.  I just came across this YouTube video that provides a couple of alternatives to get you into that bottle.  The last tactic is my favorite.  Thanks to Howcast for this […]