Argentinian Wine Experience

Summer has arrived at last!  What better way to kick it off than to take an exotic trip to Argentina!  Okay we didn’t really GO to Argentina because I came to the realization that it’s winter down there.  So, we did the next best thing…an Argentinian wine pairing party at our friend’s house!  Kevin […]

Wanless Chardonnay Adding Great Flavor To Swirl's Tasting Room

Another Friday and another opportunity for my favorite kind of research.  Wine Research…We decided to head over to one of our favorite Friday lunch locations, Swirl, for a light meal and then some wine tasting in their newly added tasting room.

We enjoyed a fantastic lunch.  I had the pesto turkey sandwich on Chibatta […]

Rodrigue Molyneaux Introduces Wine and Food Pairings

During a recent Research Friday visit to Swirl I had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of Rodrigue Molyneaux’s 2008 Cabiovese.  This is one of my favorite wines and it had been too long since I had the opportunity to taste its wonderful flavor.  Unfortunately my glass found itself empty all too quickly and […]

Rodrigue Molyneaux- Taste of Tuscany

As expected, it was a beautiful warn day in Livermore yesterday.  It finally feels like summer is almost here.  The Bryersantís gang, minus Julia unfortunately,  had the opportunity to attend the Rodrigue Molyneax Taste of Tuscany wine release event.  I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a […]

San Diego Field Trip

Springtime and harvest time are two of the greatest seasons in our  Livermore Valley.  This Spring we had some late rains and Jenny and I escaped to San Diego for a week.  We spent most of our free time at the pool instead of investigating which Livermore wines are most popular down here in San […]

Celebrating With Good Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking the afternoon to go wine tasting with Julia and Rachel (all for the sake of research, of course).  We started off with our friends Debra and Phil at Longevity – a wonderful experience as always.  After that we headed out to Tesla Road to cover some new ground for us.  We went […]