Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate

So here it is! Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate. The name alone! That’s right, red wine with chocolate flavoring. Kinda wild and crazy right?? YES! The bottle says, “Turn every setting sun into a sweet sunset rich, dark chocolate flavors make this a unique red wine with just the right combination of sweet fruit, mouth filing […]

“Seat of MY Pants” Blend

This big red blend was AWESOME!  A wine to definitely make me say, “WOW”!  Julia and I went to El Sol Winery this past weekend and tasted this and the other wines they offer.  It was the perfect day, sunny and breezy as we sat outside on their patio to taste.  I want to get ahead […]

Occasio Winery

I love that we are getting out there and bringing friends into the uncharted territory of the Livermore Wineries with what we now lovingly call “Research Fridays”.  I just need to say… I love research Fridays!  I love the chance to get out into my “backyard” to relax, sip some wine, and meet new people […]

Cadbury Mini Eggs

FYI – Livermore Spring nights are made for Zinfandel and Cadbury DARK CHOCOLATE Mini Egg.  Cheers to chocolate and wine!