Winemaker's Pourhouse, Zephyr Grill, Research Friday once again!

It had been some time since the girls of Bryersantis had an outing together.  With all of the holiday extravaganzas, starting before Thanksgiving, progressing into Christmas and then jumping into the New Year, this much needed Research Friday was definitely a welcome beginning to 2012.  I think the most exciting thing about this day is […]

End of Tax Season 2009 and Other Triumphs!

Wow – what a great, productive, fun day.  Anyone who knows me wouldn’t think that I would use all of those adjectives in one “title” on April 15th.  The past few months have been full of challenges AND opportunities.  The challenges lie within the realm of tax *work* – what a different year this has been […]

Ruby Hill Release Party

Last Friday night didn’t get here fast enough.  All week-long we were looking forward to the Ruby Hill Winery Wine Release Party!!  Everything Ruby Hill does is first class, so I knew this event would not disappoint!  And of course, it did not….It was a gorgeous evening, sun just starting to set when the Bryersantís family and […]

Ruby Hill

I look back at our previous blogs and notice one name that is mentioned repeatedly, Ruby Hill.  This is no mistake.  They have put a lot of work into making good wine and a phenomenal wine tasting experience.

I decided to stop in today for a little after work tasting.  Since I was able to end […]

Ruby Hill Focus Group

Tonight Todd and I were asked to be part of a Focus Group at Ruby Hill Winery.  We talked a lot about events and how they should improve to accommodate the growing number of club members (over 1000 after only 2 years!).  We tasted 4 wines that have not been released yet – 2009 Pinot Grigio (I am not a […]