The Royal Wedding

Who on this planet has not been following, even if unintentionally, the buzz that has surrounded the Royal Wedding of Cate Middleton and Prince William? Even if you are annoyed by how outplayed this event has been, you have to admit, it is a rather spectacular and historical moment, even if you are just looking […]

Livermore Valley iPhone App Released

With the Livermore Harvest Festival in full swing this weekend, I had the opportunity to stop by Longevity Winery to pick up a club pack that has been waiting for me. Upon entering the tasting room I found Debra talking with a man about a new application for the iPhone. Talk about the iPhone always […]

Red Feather Winery

It was a beautiful day in the Livermore Valley today and the opportunity presented itself to expand my view of the Livermore Wine Country.  I had heard of Red Feather Winery on Facebook of all places and decided to give it a try.

I traveled down Greenville Rd, which is home to many of Livermore’s […]