Time To Make Some Wine

The big day finally came. The sugar levels of our grapes were just right and after a couple of days of rain followed by a couple of mildly warm days, the threat of mold forming on the grapes was a definite concern.  It was a beautiful morning to be up in the vineyard. Members of […]

Bryersantís Winemaking Update

It has been a fun time learning the wine making process.  From the bubbling of the initial fermentation process to the juice squirting mess that comes with the pressing process, I am looking forward to learning more about how to make fantastic wine.

Carl and I had the opportunity on Sunday to visit Phil […]

Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking! (Uvas Mistério)

It’s harvest time in the Livermore Valley. The grapes are hanging heavy on the vines and the wine makers are waiting for the grapes to be just right before they begin work on their masterpieces. In celebration of the harvest time, Livermore had their annual Harvest Festival last weekend. From what I hear […]