Research Friday At Wente's Tasting Room

It was wet, rainy, and cold this Research Friday, but we were not going to let that deter us.  Rachel got a better offer (if you can call the Justin Bieber movie a better offer) so it was just Julia, Jenny, and I.  It wasn’t until the last minute that we were able to decide […]

McGrail Winery

Driving out past Poppy Ridge Golf Course deep in the heart of the Livermore Valley wine region, you will find a beautiful winery called McGrail Vineyards.  A beautiful newer winery that boasts some wonderful wines.  Upon entering McGrail, you are always greeted with warm smiles and a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere.  I have only been to McGrail twice.  […]

Thinking Of Livermore

Thinking back, when I was a kid, Livermore seemed to be hundreds of miles away.  Living in San Lorenzo, 20 miles east of me was more than I could comprehend.  A girl who attended my elementary school lived in “Livermore”.  I could barely fathom the thought of driving so far to school each day. Fast […]