Bryersantis Uncorked! Ruby Hill 2009 Grapeful Red

Here’s the first of my video blog series “Uncorked!”  I want to keep it simple.  Uncork a bottle of Livermore wine and let you know what I think.   I was being a bit ambitious by saying I’d like to do one every Friday….but here it goes!  Hope you enjoy, let me know what you […]

The Winemaker's Pour House - More Love for Livermore Wines

There’s a new place in downtown Livermore that has quietly opened and if you haven’t noticed, they are all about showing Livermore love.  The Winemaker’s Pour House had their soft opening about a month ago and it’s well on it’s way to becoming a huge asset to Livermore, our wineries, and our downtown.  The Pour […]

Does J-Lo reap wine’s beauty benefits?

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Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez on her recent coronation as People Magazine’s pick for World’s Most Beautiful Woman.  J-Lo’s been in the limelight for quite a while. How old is she? I remember her big break way back before the turn-of-the-century in Selena.  But, she has kept her youthful skin, just […]

Tenuta Winery Futures/Blend your own bottle/Open Monday!

Just received an email from Tenuta!  See below!

Open Fri, Sat, Sun 12-6pm AND MONDAY from 12-4pm 925-960-1006

In the words of George Harrison, this weekend is all about “Here comes the sun.” Pack that picnic lunch, sit outside in the month of January and call all your friends that live back east […]

Livermore Valley Fenestra Winery 2007 Zinfandel

Simply put, a GREAT wine from Fenestra.  Again, from right here in Livermore.   Sometimes I just can’t get over the great wineries right here in town.  I feel lucky to live here.  Anyway, back on track… a GREAT wine.  This is a truly a Zinfandel in every sense of the word.  If you never have tried a good […]

Grapeful Red

About a year ago, Todd and I were gifted with an amazing bottle of Ruby Hill Grapeful Red signed by an amazing group of people.  We have been hanging on to this bottle for a couple of reasons – 1. Because it was such a special gift and we didn’t want to just open it […]

Oreana Winery California Red Wine

Love this stuff!

I cannot believe I have never blogged about this one before, but here it is….the question mark wine! Officially known as the California Red Wine from Oreana Winery, this wine is a steal at Trader Joe’s for $5.99 a bottle.

The bottle says, “well balanced and lush with peppery spice, great […]

Ruby Hill Livermore Winery 2007 Cielo Viola

Thursday evening, almost the weekend.   What makes a Thursday evening even better?  Well, a Ruby Hill Livermore Winery 2007 Cielo Viola of course!  I have to say when I tasted this deep dark red, it was almost like I was eating a satisfying dinner!  Pure unbelievable awesomeness….if that’s a word.  Cielo Viola, means “Purple […]


Just a hop, skip and a jump from Livermore, over the hill to Fremont brings us a classic, iconic restaurant called Massimo’s.  Massimo’s was  founded  in the fall of 1976 by Bill and Marie Rinetti.  It was Bill’s life long love and passion for cooking that started this restaurant.  His passion for excellent food paid off.

Upon […]