Fenestra Winery's Harvest Wine Tasting

Summer is quickly coming to a close bringing in the busiest time of year for our Livermore wineries…  Harvest Time!

The wineries will be bustling and the wonderful aroma of fermenting grapes will be in the air.  This is my favorite time of year.  I have been blessed in years past with the opportunity to […]

Blending of Flavor at Tesla Vintners

Tesla Vintners is Livermore’s first community tasting room and it has given many of Livermore’s wineries a venue to share their wines.  I have been looking forward to having the opportunity to do some tasting at Tesla Vintners for some time now.  I missed my opportunity last year when the Bryersantís girls went out for […]

Fantastic Wines Currently at the Grocery Outlet

This morning I started my day with a trip to the Grocery Outlet, or the GO, as Julia likes to call it!  Having been there just 2 days ago, I went back because of a great bottle of Sterling Merlot.  Not normally a Merlot drinker, I was really suprised when I ended up loving it.  Figuring there […]

Livermore Grocery Outlet- Mavrik Cellars 2006 Grenache

Sunday night…normally I’d be singing the Sunday night blues but not tonight!  I’m off work for two whole weeks to enjoy Christmas and New Years.  I always look forward to this time of the year.  Great time for me to recharge and spend some time at home with the family relaxing.  Went to the Livermore Grocery […]

Nottingham Cellars

This Friday afternoon a portion of the Bryersantis family (and a couple of other wine fans) could be found at Nottingham Cellars on Vasco Road.  When we walked in, we were greeted by Jeff, who enthusiastically walked us throughNottingham’s wines of the day.  The offerings for the afternoon included a newly released Grenache Rose, 2007 Livermore Valley Viognier, 2005 […]

Big House Red

Let this be documented, Saturday April 3rd 2010 I did not BBQ!  I know, it’s crazy!!  It’s only because I ran out of propane last weekend.  Anyway, we had stuffed Manicotti tonight and it was delicious.  What went well with it?  Well, a 2008 California Red Wine from Big House Red right here in the Livermore […]